Meditation and life

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Meditation and life

The inner revolution brings freedom and the only way to make us go through the inner revolution is meditation. Meditation simply means learning to forget everything you have learned. It is a process of deconditioning, a process of de-hypnosis.

The company burdened us all with thousands of thoughts. Meditation simply helps him to withdraw from this world direction in thought to a state of silence. It is a process of emptying all that was forced and accumulated inside.

Once empty, spacious, quiet, clean, the revolution happened, the sun rose; then live in his light! And live in the light of your inner sun is to live properly. In fact, this is the only way to live. Others are only dying, just dying slowly, moving in a queue that keeps getting smaller and that at any time moves to the first. In fact, everyone is trying to be first in line.

The ordinary life is only called life; it is not. It is only so-called “life.” It is a process of gradual death or to be more precise, a gradual suicide process.

The moment you become silent, conscious, clear and your inner sky is filled with delight, then meets the first taste of real life. We can call it God, we can call it enlightenment, we can call it liberation; the experience of truth, love, freedom, joy :; different names for the same phenomenon.

Osho: Nirvana Now or Never, #14

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