The Universe is singing a song!

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The Universe is singing a song!

The Universe is singing a song! Let’s sing it all together! Welcome back to the OSHO Meditation Center DarshanZen, beloved Milarepa!

The reunion with this great friendMilarepa filled us with happiness and tenderness. It is a privilege to be in the presence of a great meditator, someone who lives his life with totality in celebration and harmony with life.

Milarepa filled our hearts with his sweet voice and your Being deeply loving the weekend of 19 and 20 June with Meditation Workshops, music and celebration “Opening to the Heart” and “Opening up to the Mystery “.

Look at the pictures of the evening of 18 June at the Osho Meditation Center with Milarepa during the “Spirit Trance Dance Meditation” and at the end of the workshop the weekend week when we all celebrate the Bairro Alto in a Fado restaurant.


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