Osho New Family-Country Constellations International Training

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Osho New Family-Country Constellations International Training

April 16 @ 09:00 - April 22 @ 19:00


Hello beloved Osho family

My life, as many of you know, is always full of peaks and valleys personally and professionally, as twenty years ago I decided to make my own growth and learning the laboratory for my contribution to the world and extend it to my work. In fact, this is Osho’s way and guidance for those working with people. Learn first, share later. Underneath, different methods and techniques are permeated by these experiences.
If I learned anything in 2017, it was that going more and more from I to us is a key to living more peacefully and in a kinder way. Allowing life to live me with this new component is the greater part of my life program from now on. This way brings expansion and I have been called to enlarge my awareness to limits I have never known before. Letting go…Letting go…of the I, masks, goals and old grudges. So, a lot of new visions came to me individually and now show in my work in general and even more in Family Constellations-Hellinger Sciencia. One of the main threads of the work is that I now walk new paths of contribution to the global society through experimental Family Constellations that address our individual position in the orders of systems that affect our family and ourselves in different ways: education, economy, welfare, politics and spiritual path.

This new Training offered in mid-April will reflect all these advances of my heart-soul pilgrimage and will happen just two weeks after I facilitate it in the Osho Multiversity in Pune. Don’t miss this invitation! Let us bring peace to this suffering planet by achieving enlightened insights arising from our new way of diving into Family Constellations together. If you have already been a part of it, you know how effective this magical work is in all its multidimensions. If you feel like joining me now, I promise you no less than being born again, a fresh new start to silencing the voices inside and finding your own heart song.

7-day intensive Family Constellation Training
Includes Constellations beyond Family and Constellations for the Inner child
7 days to be born again!!

For therapists, and those who are already familiar with Family Constellations or are already Constellators, as an advanced tool for the expansion of their work, one that easily enables them to create/ develop an approach covering the wide range of issues encompassed by the present-day New Family Constellations.

For all professions, through the sharing of many simple techniques, exercises with two or three people, and visualisations, all of which are extremely helpful and enlightening for one’s professional and personal daily life.

For all those who want to live in maturity and freedom, released from the chains of the past of their families and able to lead truly fulfilling lives as accomplished adults who assume the reins of their lives. Family Constellations thereby bring about real happiness in life or parents’ spiritual energy and then shower this happiness over the sea of lives of their family system.

For meditators, so that they may silence the voices and struggles that perpetuate themselves inside, hampering the way to the haven of silence.

Family Constellations are an innovating approach rooted both in psychotherapy and in energetic and spiritual work. This approach promotes the identification of the Orders of Love by bringing into light our deep-set ties with our families, including the ancient generations. These ties are so powerful that when some members of the family do not resolve specific situations, other members in later generations will feel irresistibly drawn to their solution, imprisoned by facts they are not responsible for. Family problems are passed down through the generations, thereby creating a chain of tragic fates. However, this love that brings about suffering is the same love that carries in itself the wisdom of the solution when it becomes a conscious love in the course of a Family Constellation.

As it is the case with many other methods, receiving training and leading seminars enables constellators to fine-tune their interventions aimed at helping clients to decondition themselves from hidden forces stemming from their families of origin and simultaneously helps the constellators themselves to deal with their own family dynamics in a more polymorphic way, thereby becoming more mature and more prepared to tackle a wider range of cases which consequently become more and more complex in the course of time.

Module I

Participants can enter this Training at any time and then complete the 4 modules by joining the next Training from the beginning. You are also welcome to join any weekend (2 days) in any module as an ‘Experiential Workshop’ or the full seven days of any module as a complete training experience.

Next training: august 20-26

In every module, we will also explore the new issues which have arisen in previous workshops.

Join now to ensure participation!

🔶 Schedule: from 9am to 7pm
Starting every day with OSHO® Dynamic MeditationTM at 9am
(The schedule may change according to developments and requirement of the work)

🔶 For your booking or further questions contact:
+351 966519065
Lisbon – Portugal

🔶 Osho New Family-Country Constellations International Training

Payment until 1 April – 747€
Payment after April 1 – 797€


These are the airbnb appartments near the Osho Darshan Institute. We can book it for some of you if you request it till the 1st of April.



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Constellations are a path of spiritual growth, and it is totally out of place, if not improper, to pigeonhole them as psychotherapy. Also inconclusive is the attempt to explain some of the phenomena observed during Family Constellations by means of approaches from stars in scientific areas of knowledge – like Rupert Sheldrake (English biologist – ‘morphogenetic fields’) or Albrecht Mahr (German doctor – ‘knowing fields’) – that put forward some clues to their indefinable ‘magic.’ Nowadays, their creator, Bert Hellinger, uses the title Hellinger Sciencia® to designate the recent, increasingly astounding developments which are grounded on the realisation that energetic work needs to be included to support the unfolding of the constellation and to enhance the participants’ and the constellators’ capacity to be a channel and which branch out into a number of different themes: family of origin and present family, spiritual growth and expansion of consciousness, relationships, success, career, money, organisations, politics, colonisation, emigration and immigration, and all issues that human beings are currently faced with individually and collectively.

Trained in Family Constellations at the Tara School of Psychology (Spain) and fully certified in Hellinger Sciencia® by Bert Hellinger, since 2002 I have been developing an original, syncretic approach in my work as a constellator that incorporates energy work and the quality meditative techinques devised by Osho.

I am by choice a member of the Hellinger Sciencia® Energy and Knowledge Field, a status that I can see infusing my work with more resonance and synchronicity with the Field.

Having studied Psychoanalysis (I was a student of José Gabriel Pereira Bastos at Lisbon University and Antonia Foniy at the Sorbonne), over the years I have expanded my work in the areas of mystic and energetic-spiritual psychology, both in seminars and individual sessions, in several eastern and western countries, particularly in India (where I facilitate seminars and trainings in Family Constellations for participants from many different countries and all continents at the Osho Multiversity( being part of its facilitator’s team) during the several months I spend every year at the Osho International Meditation Resort, arguably the largest spiritual and therapeutic centre in the world.

For the last years, most of my work has taken place in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Qingdao and Taiyuan,), USA (New York, Dallas and Austin) Dubai, Portugal, Mexico and Russia and in India at the OSHO International Meditation Resort where I have worked with people from Ukraine, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Lithuania, China, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, US, Netherlands, France, Australia, Brasil, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Austria, South Africa, Angola, etc.



April 16 @ 09:00
April 22 @ 19:00
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