Family Constellations: Relationships

The weight of the family heritage on Love

Hidden unresolved family dynamics greatly condition the relationships we enter as adults. The work done in this workshop releases the participants of these conditionings, helping them to relate and love more freely and more happily.
As children, we create bonds to our family system and are drawn to hidden family dynamics, which greatly condition the relationships we feel compelled to enter later on, in life.

By recreating the structure of the participants’ family of origin/present family, we bring into light unresolved dynamics and are able to intervene and restore harmony. Participants also learn about the laws that reclaim a specific order in relationships.
The New Family Constellations approach opens up the possibility for participants to live unburdened by these conditionings and thus to relate and love more freely and more happily.

Love is beautiful.

Familly Constellation to Relationships or “Love is beautiful”, as we like to call it, makes us look thoroughly to the unconscious dynamics inherited from our ancestors and to reflect to what kid of people we wish to attract to our life. In this Constellation dedicated to Love we consciously analyse the love failures, observing the repeated patterns due to our Constellator experience.

We can, afterwards, reach a fantasy free relationship in which we accept the other person in their truth, without idealizations, building a healthy relationship free from unconscious behaviours.

In “Love is Beautiful”, relationship problems are seen under a new light, making us understand the patterns we carry through our family ties for, finally, just be ourselves.

The participants will also know the invisible laws that claim a certain order in relationships and marriages. To achieve harmony in a relationship and end many marriages problems it’s necessary to understand the importance of giving and receiving rules, as well as the way energy presence, from previous partners and ancestors, behaves negatively in current love relationships.

Love is beautiful.

Before participating

Each participant must gather and inform the facilitator about their family before the seminar:

Family Recurring illnesses

Relatives unjustly treated, excluded or forgotten by the family



Tragic deaths


Political murders

Inheritance conflicts

Economic problems


Important relationships failures




New unions

Half-siblings known or unknown


Roubos importantes.

Family secrets

Death of a young relative

Suicides or suicidal attempts


Thefts or frauds


Tortured or missing relatives

Acts of war

Dirty money

Previous parents relationships before the union

Filhos que morreram a seguir ao parto ou de tenra idade.

Anorexic or bulimic issues

Degenerative illnesses