Family Constellations: Success and Career

What are Success and Career Family Constellations?

Family Constellation work helps us regain the freedom to choose and live a conscious, joyful and successful professional life.
For many of us work is not a joyless experience. We may feel that we are not free to achieve prosperity and success in professional life.

There fore we live:

without fullness and contentment

with a scattered feeling of not ``being in our place``

without freedom to face the positive life challenges and

wasting soul power

During a Family Constellations workshop, hidden dynamics are brought to life that have been conditioning our emotions and choices regarding financial, career and success issues, which are often dictated by unconscious patterns and belief systems conveyed by the family, as well as its educational, religious, political and economic extensions. Family Constellations powerful intervention helps us regain the freedom to choose and live a conscious, joyful and successful professional life.

"Gain personal and soul power and decide freely your professional life."

CONSTELLATION (awareness of problems roots)

DYNAMICS (that free us again)


Revealing actions

We realize in our Family Constellations that are behavior patterns that lead us to the need of a Success and Career Constellation, like:

O bsessive need to jot all the daily expenses, even though the salary the participants receive is more than confortable, allowing them even to accumulate wealth. Some of these cases are children of emigrants, whose parents sacrificed a lot to save some money.

R efusal to buy some item at an affordable and fair price, because of the feeling that it’s superfluous. This postpones many life and professional decisions, like buying good clothes to go to a job interview or a new computer to be more productive.

A uto-disapproval for not graduating with good grades or avoid going to restaurants. Maybe because someone in our family says that those places are not for “our social class”, because we don’t belong there.

B eing a workaholic in middle or top management positions, working till exhaustion. Usually they are descendants of factory or manual workers that sacrificed everything to put their children through college.

D on’t leave your stable yet unsatisfying job, because they don’t want to risk. People whom have/had relatives with gambling problems.

Generally speaking we feel our professional life isn’t the one we want to be at, even though we keep choosing it. We mine our own profession and career by our decisions, which we believe are the best and rational ones, when in fact they are influenced by relative problems that we’re unaware.

“Free yourself and choose wisely. ”

Before participating:

You should inform the facilitator of your family and relatives’ economic status and problems, even if they happen in previous generations.
The social-economic history of the family is very important like:

Wins and losses;

Migrations and emigrations;

Distance from the family to study;

Inheritance conflicts;

Relatives that worked to improve the social-economic family status;

Shameful professions, like prostitution;

Work related illnesses;

Previous generations professions;

Marriage between people from different social classes;

Unrecognized children;

Children given away to adoption for economical reasons;