Today, we are so overwhelmed by modern life stress that we live in a deep anxiety state. Always running around in a continuous cycle of doing-doing-doing without having the time to just STOP, and BE in our center silence.

Meditation is a state.
The state of just being, present in the moment, open and alert in an easy and flowing way.


“Easy is right”.


We are so conditioned by society guidelines that, in order to reacquire the contact with our inner-self, we need to go through a deep cleansing process. With this objective in mind, Osho developed Active Meditations, that release tensions and stress, helping us relax our bodies. What about our minds? Don’t they deserve a rest?

Osho Active Meditations focus in the only moment that matters: NOW.

“Meditation isn’t against action. It does not have to escape from life. Meditation simply teaches you a new way of living: transforms in the cyclone centre. ”

These mediation workshops provide a broader vision of our common meditation results:

  • A state of peace and joy
  • Stress reduction
  • More understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others
  • More energy, creativity, vitality and health.

Find out what meditation can do for you.