Reiki Nights

Reiki Nights

Unveil this ancient healing art secrets so few people in this world control

They perform occasionally when Darshan is in Portugal.

Join us in these meetings under Darshan supervision, as a professional Usui Reiki Ryoho Master and Original Japanese Reiki Master and, also, former Darshan students Masters.

Our knowledge comes from self-experience: 12 years teaching, healing others and self-healing with Reiki.

We invite you to penetrate the mysteries of spiritual growth and mindfulness that Reiki brings to those who dive into its light. For that, we need to be guided by those who have taken this path and it’s with love and full commitment Darshan shares her genuine wisdom.

Discover or re-discover Reiki and recoup its inner treasures!

Nights of abundance


Break the scarcity rocks. Then, naturally, you’ll begin to irradiate love. Abundance is a state of being. We can be abundance. We can’t have abundance.

Voluntary contribution

There’s no greater joy than to share something. This isn’t a parable, it’s one of true-life secrets; give and you shall double receive; share and, in its own share, you’ll become wealthier.” 


Love is the key to abundance.
Unveil its inner treasures.

If you examine history, it is one long sad tale after another of people competing for energy by fighting over territory, religious beliefs, money, wealth, relationships etc. The participants at some point got so used to receiving energy from one an-other on this dense playground of earthly matter, that when some became dense themselves, and could no longer channel the finer energy directly from Source (because they had be-come identified with their negative beliefs or judgments), the rest of the players also followed suit, began to absorb the same dense energy and thus bought into the idea of lack.

We have been involved in this cycle of false dependency for quite some time now, learning and playing out all of its various forms. Essentially what has happened during this long, arduous cycle is, that people have forgotten that they are the very energy of lift itself —the very energy they to determinably chase after outside themselves in all its various outward forms.

Each one of no already has direct access to all the energy we want; we only have to turn our awareness inward to true Self which is common to us all, and instantly it is taken care of.

Everything we could ever imagine and more becomes accessible. It sounds easy, and actually it is, but due to the fact that we are totally delirious, absolutely and completely identified with mass consciousness, it seems downright impossible.

The players in the game have become identified with the various thoughts of who they are, the variety of things they just “have to have”, and the things they “have to do”, that they have lost track of the fact that their thoughts are not their consciousness, are not indeed who they are. The thoughts we “choose” or actually get hypnotized by are what feed our consciousness, and it is the type of thoughts and emotions we focus on that shape it.

in Paula Horan, Abundance Through Reiki, Lotus Light Publications (adapted).

These meetings just happen occasionally, when Darshan is in Portugal