What are Family Constellations?

What are Family Constellations

Family Constellations are an innovating approach rooted both in psychotherapy and in energetic and spiritual work. This approach promotes the identification of the Orders of Love by bringing into light our deep-set ties with our families, including the ancient generations. These ties are so powerful that, when some members of the family do not resolve specific situations, other members in later generations will feel irresistibly drawn to their solution, imprisoned by facts they are not responsible for.

Family problems are passed down through the generations, thereby creating a chain of tragic fates. However, this love that brings suffering is the same love that carries in itself the wisdom of the solution, when it becomes a conscious love in the course of a Family Constellation.

As it is the case with many other methods, receiving training and leading seminars enables constellators to fine-tune their interventions aimed at helping clients to decondition themselves from hidden forces stemming from their families of origin and, simultaneously, helps the constellators themselves to deal with their own family dynamics in a more polymorphic way, thereby becoming more mature and more prepared to tackle a wider range of cases, which consequently become more and more complex in the course of time.

Who should participate in a Family Constellation?

Family Constellations help individuals, couples and their relatives, of any nationality, that wish to improve some aspect in their lives, like:

Serious illnesses

Personal relationships problems

Suspend mourning

Tendency to life threatening activities or behaviours.

Family Constellations are also aimed to professionals that work in the fields of psychology, medicine, social work, education and law. Usually these professionals are faced with some troubled realities like domestic violence, teenagers’ pregnancies, psychosomatic illnesses, eating disorders, drug addiction, etc., dealing emotionally with their clients’ problems. Family Constellations give them the weapons and ways of better helping their clients and themselves.

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