Who is Osho?

Who is?

Osho is a mystical modern man that is enlightened with timeless eastern wisdom and answers the questions that men and women currently seek, from pursue of happiness to imperious social, political and spiritual issues. Therefore, he inspires millions of people around the world. Besides that, he systematically dedicated to turn the essence of Christianity, Islamism, Buddhism, Sufism, Tantrum, Tao, Yoga, Zen, etc. accessible. He has more than 600 tittles (lectures transcripts) translated in more than 40 languages and his work passes on a vision that contains as much as timeless eastern wisdom as western science potential. Sunday Times defines him as one of the thousand creators of the XX century.

After reaching enlightenment, in 1953 when he was 21, he dedicated to materialize his New Man’s vision, developing useful tools to help us. Modern Man, according to Osho, drags under the weight of past traditions and modern life anxieties. Therefore he need to go through a deep cleansing process to reach the meditative free of thoughts state and western psychotherapy serves this purpose.

Osho referred to this new kind of Human Being as Zorba, The Buddha – A being with the abilities to enjoy earthly pleasures and to keep to quite serenity of a Gautama Buddha. A vision, that contains as much as timeless eastern wisdom as western science potential, runs through all his work.

He developed several revolutionary techniques to which he called “Active Meditation”, where we intercalate states of activity and silence. The most famous is Osho Dynamic Meditation that is a sample of his approach and we teach our students. LINK

Osho also developed other Meditation Therapies like Osho Mystic Rose, which lasts for 21 days:

3 hours per day laughing on the first week
3 hours per day crying on the second week
3 hours per day in silence on the third week

Lasting 7 days, we point out No-Mind (1 hour of gibberish and 1 hour in silence) and Born Again (1 hour playing and 1 hour in silence).

These processes increase of the ability to “testify”, reaching the bridge to awareness. Osho believed these cathartic methods passed on to Modern Man the power to reach what was unreachable before: sit down in silence, free from thoughts, meaning recurring to meditation traditional methods.

My message is not a doctrine, not a philosophy. My message is a certain alchemy, a science of transformation.


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