Osho New Family-Country Constellations International Training

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Osho New Family-Country Constellations International Training

August 25 @ 08:00 - August 31 @ 19:00


7-day intensive Family Constellation Training modules:

For Family Constellators, as an inspiring tool for the expansion of their work, one that easily enables them to create/ develop an approach covering the wide range of issues encompassed by the present-day New Family Constellations.

For all professions, through the sharing of many simple techniques, exercises with two or three people, and visualisations, all of which are extremely helpful and enlightening for one’s professional and personal daily life.

For all those who want to live in maturity, released from the chains of the past of their families and able to lead truly fulfilling lives as accomplished adults who assume the reins of their lives. Family Constellation thereby bring about real happiness in life or parents’ spiritual energy and then shower this happiness over the sea of lives of their family system.

For meditators, so that they may silence the voices and struggles that perpetuate themselves inside, hampering the way to the haven of silence.

Family Constellations are an innovating approach rooted both in psychotherapy and in energetic and spiritual work. This approach promotes the identification of the Orders of Love by bringing into light our deep-set ties with our families, including the ancient generations. These ties are so powerful that when some members of the family do not resolve specific situations, other members in later generations will feel irresistibly drawn to their solution, imprisoned by facts they are not responsible for. Family problems are passed down through the generations, thereby creating a chain of tragic fates. However, this love that brings about suffering is the same love that carries in itself the wisdom of the solution when it becomes a conscious love in the course of a Family Constellation.

As it is the case with many other methods, receiving training and leading seminars enables constellators to fine-tune their interventions aimed at helping clients to decondition themselves from hidden forces stemming from their families of origin and simultaneously helps the constellators themselves to deal with their own family dynamics in a more polymorphic way, thereby becoming more mature and more prepared to tackle a wider range of cases which consequently become more and more complex in the course of time.


Price: each module – €797

from 8am to 7pm
Starting every day with OSHO® Dynamic MeditationTM at 8am
(The schedule may change according to developments and requirement of the work)

For your booking or further questions contact:
mobile: +351 96 65 190 65




For twenty years I taught French and Portuguese Literature in Universities in Portugal and France and I assumed leadership positions in the area of cultural and linguistic policies and practices on an international level. At age thirty-nine, after an operation to the liver and gallbladder, I fully recovered my health thanks to Reiki.

In 1999, I abandoned my previous activities, dedicating myself to teaching and treating people with Reiki.  In 2003, I received my third Reiki Master Degree from Frank Arjava Petter.

In 2006, I became the third Westerner to receive the degree of Shian (Master) in Jikiden Reiki, the only Japanese method containing the original Reiki teachings intact.

In 2008, I started to teach my own Reiki method, Reikimix, a synthesis between Western Reiki, the original Japanese Reiki and techniques and insights that I had been receiving over 12 years of practice. In 2010, I published the book Reiki to Reiki, an essay-novel-travel diary in which many of of Reiki’s semi-disclosed secrets are revealed.

Having studied many other energy methods, in 2012, the year in which I started to travel to China and to teach many courses there, I channeled and structured a new healing method called Lotus Light Jewel, which has Avalokitesvara/Kuan Yin, the buddha of compassion, as the main energy for the healing of the heart.

Trained in Family Constellations at the Tara School of Psychology (Spain) and in Hellinger Sciencia by Bert Hellinger, I started facilitating seminars in 2002 and have since developed an original and syncretic approach in my work as a constellator that includes energy work and Osho’s meditative quality and techniques.

Having studied Psychoanalysis, over the years I have expanded my work in the areas of mystic and energetic-spiritual psychology, both in seminars and individual sessions, in several eastern and western countries, particularly in India, where I facilitate seminars and trainings in Family Constellations for participants from many different countries and all continents at the Osho Multiversity during the several months I spend every year at the Osho International Meditation Resort, arguably the largest spiritual and therapeutic centre in the world. I also facilitate trainings, workshops and sessions in a wide range of techniques such as Energy Healing, Inner Child, Osho Meditative Workshops structured by me, Meditation Counselling and Osho Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to your BodyMind.

My international experience, enriched by the fact that I lived in Portugal, Angola, Brazil and France, allows me to build bridges between cultures and nationalities and to dive with depth and strength of the soul into various themes that healers can rarely encompass. These themes include multidimensional issues such as ethnic conflict, wars, colonialism and migration.



August 25 @ 08:00
August 31 @ 19:00
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