• Family constellation sessions under Darshan's guidance are really beyond words in their capacity to help, educate and transform lives. Now, two days later, I am still processing the experience and the lessons...I would recommend this highly to anyone who wishes to lead a meaningful life. Puneet : This was a unique learning for me. I discovered myself in others and learnt from their constellation. Guess learnt is the wrong word - I lived it. It taught me lessons not at a cerebral level but at the emotional level. Tremendous experience! Family Constellation(Dallas) U.S.A Fev/Mar 2016
  • During the five days [of Darshan’s Lotus Light Jewel course), I felt so relaxed and content; it was the most body-mind relaxed course I’ve attended in these last few years. It was a real holiday for body and spirit. The attunements on those five days were really amazing, the feeling of the energy passing by – you’ve got to experience it, no words can describe it. And it gave me a pair of magical hands. After the course, I treated myself hands-on every morning and evening for 40 minutes, which made me so happy and relaxed. I treated myself as soon as I started to feel unwell or when any physical symptoms appeared, and the pain or discomfort quickly eased or even healed unconsciously. I’m so sure of this, I have been witnessing all these body-mind miracles happening. And then there is the long distance treatment for sending bliss and energy to friends and family who are far away. Whenever there were family members living in another city who were sick, or friends who were far away and who were in trouble, I always did the long distance treatment and witnessed how they got better because of the energy. The passing of energy doesn’t have time or space limitations. In fact, the magic is not about the hands but about the ability to receive and give energy. My hands now have this fantastic ‘function’ due to the attunement. I’m very happy (ha, ha, this is my ego speaking). I have also made my boundaries clearer; I no longer cross the line. I mean about taking responsibility for myself and others. I used to cross the line continuously, I did something more, the so-called ‘help’. Actually, it’s also a kind of deprivation of the other person’s growth. It’s ‘Chinese Help’, as Darshan calls it. I started to take responsibility for myself, to reduce the burden, not to meddle in other people’s business. I believe that people can do it or are able to learn to do it. And then I realized there were no complaints from others; I feel relieved and have more time and energy to do my own things, to take care of my own life. What has happened is that my body has become more sensitive and my intuition has been enhanced. I have less distractions and negative thoughts, and even when they arise, I’m able to quickly become aware of them and tell them in my heart, ‘hi, thank you for coming,; now, bye bye!” My life has become much easier by and by; my body and mind are also more peaceful. These are all results of the course. I express my gratitude for the teacher and for myself by sharing them in writing.
  • Just after some minutes of receiving Kuan Yin’s energy from Darshan in Taishen Xianghe Manor, my kundalini energy was awakened. I was deeply healed by this compassionate love. Since then, my creativity has been on the rise. Now, after six months, I have created more than 100 individual design jewelleries. I connect with the stone with my love, there are no limitations from my mind and not the slightest fear, I just do it with love. So far, artistic jewellery has been my way of expressing my soul. I have also felt lost sometimes; people asked me, ‘what is the priority? Money? Or art?’ ‘Both,’ I now say, and it’s not about being greedy. Love your work, you can become free. When you work with your soul, the whole universe supports you! Thank you teacher! Moreover, the amount of help my family and I got from Darshan’s Family Constellations work… so much help, words are not enough to express it… Lee
  • Work is an energy movement and awareness of life! Everything in the Universe is energy, every living being is a flow of energy. […] Darshan said that ‘work is also the flow of energy. If the point of work is to finish something, there will be a ‘I want’ and invisibly some restriction and limitation will be created. If you work with totality, in the flow of energy, you will have more awareness and you will live in harmony with everything. I am relaxed, free and independent. Independence is the growth of a man; it’s also the right attitude to face life. Han
  • I participated in eight of Darshan’s workshops, I even took sessions. She can see through your every problem on the spot. She opens up your emotions and heals your thoughts, mind-set, limitations and body immediately. Her course is, in fact, not a course, but rather a dialogue with you. She is a very wise and spiritual woman! Every time, she can open up your inner mechanisms, make you aware of your patterns, which helps immensely to change your quality of life. Her “tao” opens up your mind, your vision, and expands your consciousness. You will step up one level, you will blossom. Sun
  • After I brought my assistant to the five-day energy healing course, my assistant went to the hospital for a reassessment and her breast tumours were gone. Yang
  • In Satori Darshan’s course, I learnt to surrender, to transform myself, and to live out the best version of myself in a humble way! Thanks for the hammering, which helped me to be able to live fully in flow with the universal energy. I will remember your teachings. (unnamed)
  • In this five-day course, I was aware of my “ego.” Darshan’s sharpness brought me to transformation and inner surrender, to see the hidden truth behind the anger. Growth is happening continuously, everywhere I am. I appreciate every teacher, family member, and friend I have met on this path of growth. (unnamed)
  • Yesterday with Dashan, I surrendered to the energy, an encounter with Kuan Yin. I flied. Waking up this morning, I felt that, indeed, knowledge is not wisdom. Only when you have had the physical experience, when you have experienced inner silence and rejoicing, can gratitude and love really arise. Thank you Darshan for everything you gave to us.
  • This course is different to any I’ve attended before. [Darshan] never nourishes your ego and doesn’t allow you to muddle along. I hope you can join this course one day. (unnamed)
  • This group is for anyone longing to be free. I say this from my own experience having done two Family Constellation Trainings and collaborated in a group with Darshan. She is, in my opinion, the BEST in this field having studied directly with the source of Family Constellation Work, founder Bert Hellinger. Combine this with her love for Osho and the work becomes MAGIC. It is nothing short of a miracle she makes the long trip to Dallas this month to share her insights. Family Constellation Work is all about Love. And Love is the power to transform. If you have a family, and a thirst to understand yourself in this context, Darshan's visit should not be missed.
  • We had very unique one of its kind Family Constellation workshop with Darshan last weekend, it was deeply challenging and transformative. Friends were left awwwed and surprised to to see such deep family dynamics. WOW and OMG were the expressions!! Family Constellation(Dallas) U.S.A Fev/Mar 2016
  • It was life changing event for me I feel totally empty from inside like a hollow bamboo Existence brings us in the life for one purpose and Our Master keeps on working on us to realize the purpose of life but the darkness rooted in our soul from many lives, doesn't let us what our life's main purpose is to realize. Darshan's work is such that she takes you back where you belong and clarifies the reality inside us And she help you to move further with clear vision. She connects one to their real self. Thank You All Family Constellation(Dallas) U.S.A Fev/Mar 2016
  • Family Constellation have been immensely helpful and empowering. I feel grounded. Darshan's is totally unique and remarkable. Family Constellation(Dallas) U.S.A Fev/Mar 2016
  • "GRACIAS DARSHAN por compartirnos tanto en estas semanas y talleres en México... GRACIAS por Ser y Estar... Simplemente GRACIAS... " "Sé agradecido con todos porque todo el mundo está creando un espacio para que te puedas transformar, incluso aquellos que piensan que te están obstruyendo, incluso aquellos que piensas que son enemigos. Tus amigos, tus enemigos, las personas buenas y las personas malas, circunstancias favorables, circunstancias desfavorables, todos juntos están creando el contexto en el cual te puedes transformar y llegar a ser un buda. Sé agradecido con todos. Con aquellos que han ayudado, con aquellos que lo han impedido, con aquellos que han sido indiferentes. Sé agradecido con todos porque todos ellos están creando el contexto en el cual han nacido budas, en el cual puedes llegar a ser un buda: Osho" Dhyan Ekanta, México 2016
    Mi historia de vida podría ser muy parecida o no tener nada de diferente a la de muchas otras personas. Ha sido una vida llena de distintas experiencias, algunas duras, amargas, difíciles… otras llenas de amor y fortaleza. Y como parte de todas las vivencias, hubo dos, hiladas con fuerza, que transformaron mi vida. La primera fue un viaje al Osho International Center, en Puna, India… y la otra ¡conocer ahí a Darshan! Pero quién es Darshan, se preguntarán ustedes como lo hice yo en su momento, cuando oía hablar de ella. Es una maestra que con su energía transforma vidas… ¡sana vidas! Cuando viajé a India en compañía de un par de amigas mi vida atravesaba por una crisis tan grande que yo ni siquiera quería o podía verla. Mi pareja enfrentaba una enfermedad grave de la cual ambos creíamos que iba a salir adelante. Ya en el Centro Internacional Osho todo fue una vorágine de emociones y sentimientos. Alegría, euforia, paz… meditación… amor… y preocupación por lo que pasaba en México, en mi casa. Y Ahí fue donde conocí a Darshan, una mujer rubia, con una personalidad imponente, que primero nos inició en Reiki y con quien después “las mexicanas” decidimos hacer Constelaciones Familiares. Yo no sólo había vivido constelaciones en Puebla, sino que además participé en un diplomado sobre el tema, por lo que sabía de lo que se trataba. Pero no, no era así y grande fue mi sorpresa cuando me tocó hacer la constelación de mi sistema familiar… ni siquiera recuerdo cuál fue el tema que expuse para trabajar, pero sí recuerdo a dónde me llevó todo eso. Sí, constelar con Darshan fue en algunos momentos desgarrador… pero así como fue de duro fue sanador. ¿El resultado? No sólo toqué temas que ni siquiera imaginé que necesitaba sanar y que estaban en mi inconsciente, sino que además me llenó de algo que me había hecho falta durante mucho tiempo: FORTALEZA, PODER PERSONAL. Mi regreso a Puebla estuvo lleno de un torbellino de sucesos que ni siquiera podía ir asimilando porque fueron muchos, inesperados y muy rápidos, uno tras otro, sin freno, como una roca que va cayendo y nada la detiene. Y sé, y mi ser interior lo sabe, que SI NO HUBIERA CONSTELADO CON DARSHAN no hubiese tenido la fortaleza y claridad suficientes para sobrevivir a todo lo que vino después, como la muerte de mi pareja apenas un par de meses adelante y pérdidas materiales y de afectos que lastimaron aún más mi corazón. Ése es el motivo por el cual invité a Darshan a venir a México, y en particular a Puebla, para compartir ese poder sanador que posee, esa sabiduría que tiene en conexión con nuestro maestro Osho… porque como ella se define: es una ARTESANA DE ALMAS y me encantaría que todos los que necesitan sanar pudiesen ponerse en sus manos y vivir su propia sanación y transformación" Ekanta Para mayor información del taller puedes ingresar a OSHO Center Puebla

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