Satori Darshan

As a University Professor, Darshan had a successful career, teaching French and Portuguese Literature for more than 20 years, in Portugal and France. During the same time, Darshan assumed international top management roles, in the field of cultural and linguistic policies.
When she was 39 years old, she discovers Reiki helping her heal completely from a liver and gall bladder surgery. She decides to leave her former activities to teach Reiki and heal others.

"It never existed someone like you, there isn’t anyone in this world like you and it never will. See how much respect life has for you.
You are an art form impossible to repeat, incomparable, absolutely unique." OSHO


Degree in Family Constellations by Tara Psychology School and by Hellinger Sciecia (Bert Hellinger). Since 2002 Darshan develops her own original and syncretic approach, incorporating Osho’s energy and meditation techniques.


In 2003 receives from Frank Arjava Petter her third Reiki Master Degree.


In 2006 she becomes the third westerner to receive the Shian (Master) Degree in Jikiden Reiki – The only Japanese method that contains the Original Reiki teachings.


In 2008 Darshan starts teaching her own Reiki method: Reikimix; combining Western Reiki approach, with original Reiki and the collection of insights received from 12 years of practise.


In 2010 publishes the book “Reiki sobre Reiki”. A travel novel and journal where she reveals many of semi-open Reiki secrets.


In 2012, influenced by the vast energy methods she studied, Darshan develops a new healing technique called Lotus Light Jewel (LINK), where Avalokitesvara/ Kuan Yin, the compassion Buda, is the main energy to heal the heart.

As a former Psychoanalysis student, Darshan continuously expands her work in mystic psychology and spiritual-energetic fields.

Darshan practises her methods in workshops and individual sessions in several western and eastern countries. Particularly in India, where she teaches in workshops and gives training in Family Constellations to participants from all around the world, in Osho Multiversity (one of the biggest therapy and spiritual centres of the world).

Darshan international experience, enriched by living in Portugal, Angola, Brazil and France, allows her to build bridges between cultures and nationalities, taking a deeper analysis in multidimensional issues like ethnic conflicts, wars, colonialism and migrations.

In Portugal, Darshan founded Osho ® Centre of Meditation in 2007.
Currently she teaches and trains in India, China, USA, Dubai, Taiwan, Mexico and Japan.

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