Darshan Message and Vision

About Family Constelations

“Like in many other methods, getting qualifications and directing workshops and seminars enables the Family Constellations Guide to get a deeper insight and better help his clients to unleash the hidden forces that surround their families. At the same time, it helps the Guide to deal with his own family dynamics in a polymorphic way. Each time, the Family Constellations Guide evolves, is better prepared to handle a more diversity of cases with more complex nature.

“The Greater Soul moves in only one direction, and that is to bring into union that which has been made separate.”

Bert Hellinger

With more than 1000 hours teaching and training, I can say, with precision, that Family Constellations are a way of spiritual growth and that it is absurd to label it as psychotherapy.

It is also inconclusive to explain the phenomenon that occurs, like some scientific approaches like Rupert Sheldrake (English biologist – morphogenetic fields) or Albrech Mahr (German doctor – Field of Knowledge).

On the other hand, I refuse to use pseudo-marketing strategies that categorize Family Constellations in areas where clients are more likely to show, like Coaching, hiding the spiritual side and taking advantage of my work.

The energetic-healing process of Family Constellations is unlimited and indefinable but, like any other healing method, it depends, before anything else, of the client open receptivity. “


Who can heal you? Yourself

“I’m just here to cause a soul motion that enables you to climb an upper level of self understanding. Therefore, playing with the words and meaning of “facilitator”, I claim the “provocateur” expression, closer to my personality and my healing agent profile.

“If our spirit is healthy and connected to the truth, the body becomes naturally healthy.”

Mikao Usui

My experience and gathered evidences of the effectiveness of the energetic-healing method also enables me to avoid the listing of physical and psychological illnesses. Making these lists reveals my positioning, where mind is the protagonist and appeals to the minds of those who seek information. In my spiritual journey with Family Constellations I’m in such a level of maturity as a healer, that I don’t need to address potential clients that “demand” to get convinced.
When questioned about the what are the pathologies covered by the Family Constellations?, I just reply: all of them.

Those, who find this answer short, can, and should, also find someone else that’s in the same energetic vibration, who will drone delightfully to their ears a scroll of clarifications that end up clarifying nothing at all.
After a few short months after teaching Family Constellations Seminars in 2002, I expanded this kind of work to areas that people, like Hellinger said at the time to “leave to somebody else”. These areas included Reiki, not supported by Hellinger, and spirituality, which I call “rainbow”, but I imagine that they should be called New Age.
Therefore I used this technique from early stages to bring to the light the trans-generational tangled knots, that limit our expansion in inter personal relationships, work-financial area and bring doubts and hesitation when we go through a process of self discovery and mind awareness, sustained by some energetic or therapeutic-meditative method.”


Osho and Usui (Reiki) influence

“In 2008, in an intensive training in Austria, taught by Bert Hellinger and his wife, Maria Sophie, I realized that the inflections, used by the inspiring German Master, now called the Hellinger Scientia, had the same direction that my work had for years: including the energetic work (in my case Reiki) to support the flow of the Constellation and amplify the ability to be a channel for the participants and also the guide.

Truth is not discovered outside. It is something inside us waiting to be fulfilled.”.


Some of the world most renowned Constellation Guides are Osho Sannyasins. I discovered Family Constellations and, later on, I had my first personal constellation with my German Reiki Master, Frank Arjava Peter, who organized the first seminars Hellinger ministered in Japan. The Guide that went along with me for the first six years, Rakasa Lucero, is also an Osho Sannyasin for more than 30 years.

I’ve also become an Osho Sannyasin in 2007 and, when I’m at the Ashram in Puna, I feel at home, due to the constant Family Constellations seminars and trainings as well as Reiki Sessions.
My spiritual essence is the fruit of these two energy portals: Usui/Reiki and Osho. It’s this fragrance that runs through and around my Constellations work that brings more firmness, flexibility and, ever more, silence.”