Osho Festival

Osho Festival

Darshan and a group of Sannyasins created Osho Heart Festival Portugal in 2010. In this festival we share Osho’s vision of Modern Man. Since its first edition, the Festival has been attracting, besides Portuguese, people from around the world, bringing with them the will to share and discover the wonderful transformation tools Osho gave us: The silent Buddha and Zorba’s celebration.

Osho Heart Festival in Portugal offers several experiences, focusing in creativity through art, music, meditation, healing, dance and workshops given by international Professors from several fields, most of them from International Meditation Centre in Puna, India.

OSHO Festival Portugal 2010

OSHO Festival Porto Portugal 2011

OSHO Festival-Lisboa Portugal 2012

OSHO Heart Festival Lisboa Portugal 2013

OSHO Heart Festival-Lisboa Portugal 2014