Lotus Light Jewel

How was it born?

After teaching and healing with Reiki for more than 13 years, Lotus Light Jewel is the next Darshan level, healing the heart with the heart. The One Thousand Arms Buddha (Japan) contains Reiki in its seed state and, by expanding it, it flourishes into Lotus Light Jewel, by the leafy female figure of Kuan Yin (China).

The beauty and the mystery of this method come to Darshan when she arrived in China, for the first time, after a stay in Japan working with a different kind of energy (Shinto Energy), deeply rooted in Japanese spiritual culture. In China, Darshan understandood that energy is also an information vehicle and, when we open ourselves to it, we can receive it.

By looking for a substitute adaptation to Chinese Energy, Darshan realized that there is another type of available energy. An energy that is compassion and that we can connect to Buddha Avalokitesvara  from India.

It’s a male figure, called Senju Kannon Bodhisattva and there is a temple in Kyoto dedicated to him. Darshan was always connected to this compassion energy through the One Thousand Arms Buddha in Japanese culture. She worked with this energy for 14 years in her own healing process and, later on, to heal others. In China, this form of compassion has a female figure called Kuan Yin. It’s not a woman, a doll nor even a statue: just pure energy. However, we humans need to see shapes or materialize in order to understand better, so we shaped the energy into this amazing and beautiful woman Kuan Yinn .

What is Lotus Light Jewel?

Lotus Light Jewel is a specific energy.
Universal energy has many and several types of energy. We can connect to several sources of energy that are available to us. Some people, after working with their own energetic system, develop the ability to connect to these available energy sources.

Particularly, there’s a type of available energy, which source is compassion, which we can connect to Buddha Avolokitesvara, from India. This is the Compassion Buddha and has different figures in China and Japan. Even in western countries is known has the One Thousand Arms Buddha (also commonly known in Japan).

Little by little, Darshan received information on how to use this energy. How to initiate people into this energy that heals the body, the emotions, soul, psychological problems through a simple and amazing process.
Without effort.

Also as meditation.

Lotus Light Jewel
Satori Darshan

autora do método

When we use this energy with ourselves we become mindful and it becomes our meditation. That’s what meditation is all about: live the present, here and now and listen to ourselves, realizing what’s happening inside us.

Our body carries a lot of information, mostly through energy, but also through or unconscious minds. This energy opens our unconscious minds.

Disease often starts in energy blockages all around our body. Problems arise from life experiences recorded in our unconscious minds, because at the time we could not deal with them, and keep our health and sanity. For our safety our unconscious minds block certain information, but then, our body starts giving some signals that something’s wrong.

Lotus Light Jewel works on all these levels – body, mind and spirit – that are our system.

How do I become a channel for this energy?

You are initiated directly by Kwan Yin!
• Healing the heart through psychological and emotional healing techniques
• Healing of fear
• Karma rescue, abundance, and Ascended Masters.

It is essential to be well grounded and connected to a nourishing and supportive energy source – herein lays the core of any successful life path.

This is a session combining hands-off treatment with some possible moments of passing on this energy through touch.

The results

It’s crucial to live well rooted and connected to an energy source that nourishes and sustains us. That’s the rule of thumb to every successful live path, because only then it is possible to:
• Acquire and maintain personal power
• Transform every space into a safe energetic environment to us and our close ones.
• Empty ourselves to reach more than judgements and reach directly what really matters: understand what we are and, therefore, reach others hearts.

Along this course, we will address many pivotal issues related to personal power through liberation of emotional patterns and progressive opening of our hearts.
We will also learn, during the 5 days course, simple but effective techniques that will bring new quality love life – the true force of compassion – to all areas of your life. This lectures are based in ancient healing arts from India, Japan and China and then redesigned to fit our modern needs.

Self-centred, expansion and harmonization of our energetic field are the core of this healing approach. This is one of the reasons why this course is also a great tool for therapists of all areas.