Family Constellations DVD – PACK 1

DVD de Constelações Familiares – PACK 1

30,00€ (60€)

Directed at all professions by sharing many simple techniques, exercises with two or three people and most useful and enlightening views in personal daily and professional life.

Directed at all who want to live in maturity, freed from the family‘s past currents in order to live a life really filled, most performed as adults can then take charge of their own lives. So bring consequently real happiness for life or spiritual energy of parents, spreading it over the sea life of your family system.

Directed at meditators so that they can silence the voices and the struggles thateternalize within them and thus make it impossible to their arrival at the silence port.


disc 1

1 Abortions made to avoid living the consequences of getting pregnant in contexts “inconvenient” – Freeing nodes retained in the mother’s unconscious, thus creating a new space for daughter’s life
2 – Loading anguish and guilt: parents’ divorce – Stop being the child of divorced parents and become now the adult mother on the way to divorce
3 – Cystitis Chronic – taking the suffering of the mother herself – Mother, what he did to you, he did not to me

disc 2

4 Desiring to have a fulfilled relationship with a man – Leaving the absent father back: “A woman needs a man”
5- The tumultosa relationship between mother and daughter based on a family secret – Walking towards an enlightened love / conscious
6 Feeling blocked – Where is my place in the world? – Our home is where the heart is
Addressed to Consteladores Family to be an inspirational tool for expanding their work so that they can easily create or develop an approach that covers a wide range of issues embraced by the New Family Constellations at present.


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30,00€ (60€)



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