Family Constellations – PACK with 5 DVD’s

Constelações Familiares – PACK com 5 DVD’s

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Disc 1

1 Abortions made to avoid living the consequences of getting pregnant in contexts “inconvenient” – Freeing nodes retained in the mother’s unconscious, thus creating a new space for daughter’s life
2 – Loading anguish and guilt: parents’ divorce – Stop being the child of divorced parents and become now the adult mother on the way to divorce
3 – Cystitis Chronic – taking the suffering of the mother herself – Mother, what he did to you, he did not to me

Disc 2

4 Desiring to have a fulfilled relationship with a man – Leaving the absent father back: “A woman needs a man”
5- The tumultosa relationship between mother and daughter based on a family secret – Walking towards an enlightened love / conscious
6 Feeling blocked – Where is my place in the world? – Our home is where the heart is

Disc 3

7 Healing Sexual Abuse / Split Personality – There is a place in the sun for everyone
8 – Brothers, voluntary abortions and miscarriages – How many are we, anyway?
9 – Life and Death – were born to live and live to die

Disc 4

10- Exposing them to the energy field of Family Constellations – The light that shines in you also shine on me
11- Freeing the negative ties with former colonies – Portugal will be the country least European EU?
12- Family Constellations the service of pedagogy – Discover how they lived and wrote the authors
13- HOW TO MAKE A SINGLE SESSION – Restoring the link with the mother and sister in the country of origin – Sending SMS before visiting the family at the end of two years: “When you arrive just want hugs and kisses”

Disc 5

1. What is the issue I want to raise my Constellation? Exercise in pairs.
2 – I and death. Exercise three.
3 – identifying a person excluded in the family. Exercise in pairs.
4 – Be his father and interact with the child we were. Exercise in pairs.
5 – Representing another participant in the workshop to learn how to feel the group, including Constelador. Exercise in pairs.

1 – “Mother, now receive you as my mother and you can have me as your daughter / son.”
2 – Find guidelines of the family system for life or any issue, including disease.
3 – Integrating harmoniously the child that we were and the adult you are today.


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60,00€ (120€)



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