Reiki on Reiki

Satori Darshan’s book

This book about Reiki is a journey’s assay-novel-journal where many semi-open Reiki secrets are revealed.

The trustworthy information about the original Reiki was rediscovered in the 90’s in Japan, and reached the west through multiple sources, therefore escaping most of the 3 million Reiki users. Being a rigorous scholar on this matter, with this theoretical and practical information gathered during years of professional practise, the Author crosses, as she advances through the text, with the feudatory and, sometimes, distorted Western Traditional Reiki, where she started her healing and teaching journey, pulverising the false belief that the Original Reiki was lost during the troubled post-war years in Japan.

The American repression forced upon the genuine Japanese Healing Arts, after 1945 – since these had the same source as the where the Japanese warmongering flourished – closed Reiki in scattered strongholds inside the same country that provided this humanitarian legacy.

From there, it was believed that only the western heritage from Hawayo Takata had survived, precious undoubtedly, but not completely accurate since it had several distortions and a misguided original Reiki contextualisation, that his ungrateful American, Japanese originated and living in Hawai, position confirms.

In the core of this lively narrative is a Jikiden Reiki course, the Hayashi system taught in 1928, only two years after Usui’s death, that the narrator has in Kyoto. The inner pilgrimage, punctuated by transcendency states shared with the readers, unfolds through the waves of surprising and original episodes that, impregnated with culture, tradition and history, constitute the real Kyoto and Tokyo pilgrimage. It’s a fascinating tale that takes us from laughter to emotion, always with the charm of the genuine share and where the author-narrator daily Reiki experiences, so natural as breathing or blood running through our veins, invites to penetrate the spiritual growth and mind expansion mysteries that Reiki provides, with guaranty, to those who dive into its light.