Reikimix – Level 1

In this first level we learn to let universal energy flow to us and others’ treatment, as well as plants and animals.
We explain Reiki Origins and how to use development practises as a channel. […]

Reikimix – Level 2

In Reikimix level 2 course the participants receive three sacred symbols to direct them into a more precise and intense energy control. We learn to send Reiki into distance healing and use it.[…]

Reikimix – Level 3

We receive the Master symbol at level 3. We learn to directly and at distance tune healing procedures as well as energetic surgery (psychic). We deepen our knowledge and train our therapeutic […]

Reikimix – Master

7 days Course. This course can be repeated as many times as each participant wishes, with a 50% discount. Seminar Content: REIKI ENERGY FLOW AND INITIATION; INITIATIONS; REIKI TEACHING […]


Reikimix merges coherently several psychotherapeutic fields with the basic principles structured by Mikau Usui in 1922. The Master’s Reiki always incorporated psychic healing features and now they enrich this Darshan method, combining her knowledge acquired in following trainings:
• Usui’s
• Hayashi Reiki Ryoho’s (Usui e Hayashi Healing Methods)
• Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai’s Masters (Association created by Usui that is still active in Japan).

“I, Darshan, and my Master students provide constant support to our students, at their own pace and according to their wishes, inciting them to a deeper knowledge and a simultaneous personal healing process.

We teach Reiki as a powerful personal transformation tool and not just like “another” class of spiritual development, like many others. Reiki teaching is a continuous process where we promote a constant support in:

• Repeating each level – every level can be repeated at a 50% discount.
• Bi-monthly meetings.

On these bi-monthly meeting we seek the technical improvement, sharing points of view and personal experiences, to testify how Reiki supports us on the path to personal growth and expansion to connect with the All. “