The Course – Lotus Light Jewel

5 Day Course

To walk the path of life with inner joy we need to be well connected to a good and strong energy. Avalokitesvara-Kuan Yin, the Buddha of Compassion inspired Lotus Light Jewel to give us back the joy and stability.

During these five days, our participants learn simple but effective techniques that will provide the compassion strength to help them in every aspect of theirs lives. From direct touch to distance “touch” with proven results in the participants’ life.

Darshan started this healing process in herself, when she had a bad disease and was recovering from delicate surgeries. After the exceptional results she experienced, Darshan decided to pass on this knowledge to others. Over the last 15 years she trained and facilitated several seminars and workshops healing and helping others to heal.

Darshan’s students, all over the world, filled her with joy by keep on passing this method. The feeling of helping others, directly or indirectly, gives Darshan a bigger satisfaction than keeping them a secret for profit.

When we centre and reinforce our energy we find the keys to evolve as a tool in the healing process. That should be the main therapist focus.

During this course our students learn how to use these subtle, yet powerful, energetic techniques to develop their inner power. By liberating emotional problems and opening our hearts we unleash Lotus Light Jewel magic. Then we can effectively help others and ourselves in a spiritual and responsible way.

Healing the body-mind-soul system

Expanding consciousness

Pardoning one’s faults and those of family and ancestors

Unveiling the meaning of true compassion