The method


Bert Hellinger,  with his phenomenological approach, discovered the conflicted forces that act in human systems. The way to find solutions, that before seemed impossible to reach, are now easily revealed in front of us, in a mysterious, almost magical, Family Constellation.

This therapy does not require the physical presence of the entire family, since we work the family system from only one person. It’s an individual therapy with the help of some of the group participants. Therefore the person that’s customizing its Family Constellation uses other participants to, voluntary, represent his relatives.

The family consists of parents, siblings, parents’ siblings, grandparents till the 5th generation and the current spouse and children.

During a Family Constellation, the representatives reflect, with authenticity, the feelings and emotions of the people they’re representing, without ever meeting them.

“When I lived in South Africa, someone told me what the longest road in Africa is. It’s not the road from Cairo to Capetown, it’s the way from your head to your heart, and from there to the here and now.”

Bert Hellinger

Scientific authors, like Rupert Sheldrake, state theories to explain this amazing thing. This English Biologist said the hereditary transmission is passed on, not only through genes, but as well by the morphogenetic fields that close our species collective memory. Each individual from the same species enriches its field and connects with that memory.

Family Constellations help to solve pending tensions through body language and suggested sentences from the therapist, having and astonishing integrating and liberating effect. This therapy brings to the light what was previously hidden and lets the participant with his own responsibility, in the correct family position without the weight of the past.

Therefore, we re-establish the Love Order and we break the suffering and unconscious pulsing destiny chain.

The participants will also know the invisible laws that claim a certain order in relationships and marriages. To achieve harmony it’s necessary to understand the importance of giving and receiving rules, as well as the way energy presence, from previous partners and ancestors, behaves negatively in current love relationships.