What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?

The word Reiki literally means the universe spiritual energy and it is used to name the method that, in 1922, its founder, Mikao Usui called ShinShin Kaizen Reiki Ryotho – The Usui’s Healing Method to improve the body and mind.

Reiki is a healing and disease prevention method that more often health professionals are using these days, all over the world. Dr. Oz used to recommend it when he was the resident doctor on Oprah Show and, today, still approves it on his own Dr. Oz Show.

How does Reiki work?

The technique consists in directing healing energy to dissolve energy blockages that are keeping energy from flowing healthily in our body. We can use our hands with direct touch or blowing, massages, compression or distention of the affected areas.

It also levels our energy over the entire body, because if there are areas where energy is blocked, it will appear as a disease. Therefore, after Reiki treatment we feel revitalized and, at the same time, more relaxed and in peace.

Who should use Reiki?

Currently, millions of people are being healed with Reiki as you read these lines. They can seek a therapist or perform it on themselves – it can be learnt in one or two days
We use Reiki on:
• Children
• Adults
• Seniors
• Physical and psychological ill people
• Healthy people that want to stay that way.

Reiki Benefits

This healing art has its root in ancient Japanese Shintoism and Buddhism and levels the vital energy balance in our body. Our current life style, with stress, professional tensions, relationship problems, careless nutrition, pollution and so on, strips our vital energy and Reiki restores the physical, mental and emotional balance.

How do we practice Reiki?

We don’t learn Reiki with our intellect. The ability to make energy flow is acquired through a process performed by a Reiki Master. We can call this process alignment, tuning or initiation.
The first two denominations are an analogy with radio or TV: Reiki, like radio waves, is a vibratory energy. When we listen to a radio program we don’t need to physically touch the stereo. Using the same analogy to Reiki, to capture the cosmic energy we don’t catch it with our hands: we need to first be tuned with it.

Who can use Reiki?

Anyone: child, adult, elderly, healthy or unhealthy, physically fit or disabled, with education or no education. We are all healers; we just have to decide in our mind and heart what we wish to heal and/or heal ourselves. Reiki is an energy with its own intelligence, therefore it is far beyond the reach of the channel limit (user).

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