Formação em Osho® Life Alchemy Energy Psychology

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Formação em Osho® Life Alchemy Energy Psychology

31/12/2020 @ 08:00 - 28/02/2021 @ 17:00


EM BREVE – Data a anunciar

This is a modular course that will allow you to become an expert in energy work or to become a healer, if you prefer. Through a myriad of simple but absolutely effective techniques, you will expand your empathy and the so called paranormal senses or intuition will become just very helpful “normal”senses. You will step into a new threshold, and start looking at life and others through the longlasting inner alchemy you will build masterclass after masterclass.

By learning the different modalities of these Divine Healing Arts (channeling, physical and emotional healing, trauma, past lives inner child, family dynamics, etc.) you will discover how to walk the path of life from an energetic point of view – that is, beyond the mind, the ego and the personality, for a clearer assessment of where and how you stand on your own feet as a radiant force of compassion and wisdom.

After this momentous journey, you will also be ready and trained, if you wish, to help others find direction in life through your sessions and workshops.

For all professions, through the sharing of many simple techniques, exercises with two or three people, and visualisations, all of which are extremely helpful and enlightening for one’s professional and personal daily life.

For all those who want to live in maturity and freedom, released from the chains of the past of their families and able to lead truly fulfilling lives as accomplished adults who assume the reins of their lives. Family Constellations thereby bring about real happiness in life or parents’ spiritual energy and then shower this happiness over the sea of lives of their family system.

For meditators, so that they may silence the voices and struggles that perpetuate themselves inside, hampering the way to the haven of silence.


I Part

1- Introduction: types of energies and types of channels
2- Self-atunement (initiation)
2.1- Become an energy channel: you decide!
Self treatment – your own unique symbol
2.2 – Chakras, meridians, body areas loaded with toxins
9.1 Osho® Chakra Breathing Meditation
.3 The healing power of speech in Asia and Osho®. Prayer and sutras.Your unique inner healing sound. Masaru Emoto
1- Osho® Gibberish Meditation
2- No-Mind taster
3- No-Mind
4- Avalokitesvara, Kuan Yin, Senju Kannon Bosatsu – Heart and Lotus Sutras
Osho® Nadabrahma Meditation
5- Tao, Zen, Budhism,Tantra and Sufism
6- Osho® No Dimensions Meditation
7- Mantras, decretes, daranis and symbols – first symbol
– Osho® Laughter Meditation
8- Ho’oponopono
8 – Akashic healing: adictions, toxic behaviours, complexes, ego trips, lying, etc. – one symbol
Osho® Golden Light Meditation
9- The session as a meditation: empty yourself
and become a hollow bambou. Body awareness. Osho® Stop mindfulness
Osho® No Dimensions Meditation
10- The session:
when to touch or using movements: rubbing, pinching, massaging, tapping, etc.
11- 7- Healing of fear – new symbol
12- Osho® Kundalini Meditation
13- Distant healing for now and the past/ Body scanning at distance – one symbol
4.1 -Trauma healing supported by energy techniques – 2 symbols
8 – Emotions: releasing and harmonizing
Osho® and NOWHERE mindfulness
8.2 Osho® Dynamic Meditation
Osho® Yes / NO mindfulness
14- Energy hygiene – Cleansing and protection
15- Osho® Golden Aura – mindfulness
16- Energy reading / comparing your reading with the Human Design reading – the session
17- 8.3 Osho® Vipassana Meditation
15- Opening to Abundance
16- Osho® Reminding yourself of the forgotten Language of Talking to Your BodyMind
17-The session: images, archetypes, flow of energy Osho® Zen Tarot to close a session
18 -Self-Inquiry, inquiry, and koans to access information


II Part

Inner Child

11-Inner Child:traditional and systemic healing
1-Osho® on childhood
The wounded and the solar inner child
How does your adult see your inner child?
Creating a loving relationship with your Inner Child
2-Releasing a pattern of thought or behaviour rooted in your childhood
Say what you never said to your parents –emotional release
giving birth to yourself symbolicaly
3-Remembering through energy
Osho® Devavani Meditation
5- Represent your mother/father – become your everything for yourself
6- Aknowledging the different childhood ages to know when you first became broken, stopped being innocent, discovered evil, sex, etc.
7-Hypnotic trance to access childhood memories
3 – Osho® Born Again Taster
Osho® Born Again


III Part

Conceitos Básicos de Constelações Familiares

A – Génese e consolidação
Bert Hellinger: o homem, as circunstâncias, o método e o fluir da vida
Os campos de conhecimento (campos com memória) e a abordagem fenomenológica A função da consciência.
Inocência e culpa.
Diferentes formas de experimentar a culpa e a inocência.
Distinguindo os diferentes tipos de emoções: sentimentos primários, secundários e adoptados.
Dinâmica de grupo
B- Configurar uma constelação Clássica
O constelador: características e acção
Factos concretos da família
Quem pertence ao sistema familiar (com e sem vínculos de sangue) Os representantes
Dinâmicas mais frequentes
A utilização da linguagem: frases nas Constelações Familiares Casos práticos: constelações
Família: O vínculo familiar mantém-se para sempre. Todas as crianças têm um pai e uma mãe e 100% das suas capacidades estão ligadas a este facto.
Saúde: As Constelações Familiares como meio para melhorar significativamente a saúde e mantê-la ao mais alto nível.

As Constelações Familiares enquanto escola de vida: ir mais além na compreensão interior

Sucesso: Despertar a capacidade de tomar decisões correctas no momento apropriado! E numa fracção de segundo! Seguidamente, o êxito surge quase por si mesmo. Uma única pergunta subsistirá: quanto sucesso consigo aguentar?
Ordens do amor.
Pertencer: um direito e uma necessidade
Precedência. Mais direitos para os que chegaram primeiro
Os excluídos: a força mais dinâmica numa família
Dinâmicas familiares que conduzem à doença e ao sofrimento
A compensação através da expiação causa duplo sofrimento. Sofrimentos ou doenças que não derivam das dinâmicas da família. Constelações / Análise documentada do trabalho de Bert Hellinger
Família Actual: ser adulto
Relação Homem- Mulher
Ser adulto no relacionamento amoroso Principais causas de problemas nos casais Amor à segunda vista
Temas especiais: abortos, separações, inseminação artificial, o papel dos filhos, não ter filhos, ter muitos relacionamentos, relações homossexuais

Exploração dos movimentos da alma

As dimensões do amor


Family dynamics: from condemnation to liberation

Osho® Nadabrahma Meditation

Sacred genealogy
Guilt and forgiveness: individual, collective and systemic

Working with the ancestors
Dates, names, destinies

Dr. Hamer and Devageet’s approach to disease and how it develops and heals
Organs, systems and teeth

Symbolic psychoanalytic rituals (Jodorowski) –
Your unconcious mind accepts better a system of suggestion in a ritual than words

Native healing:
African Healing
Native American
Asian Shamans

Osho® Mandala Meditation


IV Part

– Past lives

How to use energy to prepare the mind, keep going and integrating the lesson for healing and growth
Fundamental questions

Channel someone’s past life
Integrating the lessons for healing and growth


15- Energy work: Rules and profiles

13- Sessions:
13.1 Theme oriented session
13.2 Open session
14- Closing


Bibliography and Videography


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Bruce Lipton
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28/02/2021 @ 17:00