LOTUS LIGHT JEWEL: the Beginning

LOTUS LIGHT JEWEL: the Beginning

I’d like to tell you about how Lotus Light Jewel came to me, about how it all happened, because it’s quite amazing.

Some months before the first time I went to work in China – in 2011, I believe, but I never know [laughter] … when you live in the here-now, you don’t know your dates too well – I was working in Pune, and everything was taking me to the openness of the heart. There was a new Aura-Soma bottle: “Heart Rescue” or was it “Love Rescue?” Are you all familiar with Aura-Soma ? Aura-Soma is a healing system that is very much based on colour and where colours come from different sources of energy. Let’s put it like this: there are different guardians for each source, so we have different masters who are the guardians of these sources – or the commander-in-chiefs, if you prefer [laughter]. This system was channelled by a blind English woman; so it’s also ironic because she was blind and the whole system is based on colour. But colour is energy, colour is a vibration, just like sound is. She died some years ago. Sometimes a new bottle still comes out because there are several people still working with the system. Some don’t work directly with Aura-Soma, like me, but they are connected to this Ascension movement or Brotherhood – it’s called the White Brotherhood.

Eight years ago, I was teaching Ascension every Wednesday night, I remember, and then at some point I just felt like stopping. This was also because this was coming to me mainly through the work of an American guy and I had been also connecting for a long time with a woman who was working with this Ascension Brotherhood, and there is this guilt that they create in people, always. It’s like: you are not doing enough, you should be careful about this and that – it sounded so much like the Catholic thing that we are fed up with, that we have been trying to get rid of. So I decided that until I didn’t have a better understanding of Ascension, of how to teach it putting all this aside… or… it was more about me because I was receiving the teachings and filtering them not to pass them on to people, but it was like an effort – when you have to filter, things don’t flow. So I just felt like stopping; but, of course, I kept my connection to the Masters.

So that time in Pune there was this bottle that I was wearing – there are big bottles and there are very small ones that you can wear on a chain. Then this friend asked me for a Family Constellation session. She does Aura-Soma sessions, and she’s always up to date with the bottles. You can also find some essences and pomanders, which have an oily base, and they are there to help you in all kind of difficulties you go through in life because this Master or this Archangel – Archangels are also sources of energy – brings some healing or clarity to different issues. And now I’m having an insight: in fact, they are this [Darshan shows picture of the Buddha of the One Thousand Arms]. Together they are the Buddha of the One Thousand Arms. This Buddha has a different tool in each hand to help us – a sutra, a small bottle of some kind of medicine, or a knife to protect us from some danger or dangerous people… all sorts of things. It’s very interesting that I’ve just made this association. They work just like this Buddha of the One Thousand Arms – or rather like the idea behind the creation by humans of this Buddha of the One Thousand Arms… because we project our needs on these energies. There’s no Buddha standing somewhere with one thousand arms, but, on the whole, that’s how they work: they bring in all the different healings we need. Also, they specialise in the physical, in the way we communicate, in all kinds of things. Some of us connect more to some Masters than to others, depending on our past lives, on the type of help we need, or on our life purpose, too.

So I was about to give her a session – she is also a facilitator – and our rooms were side by side. I told her, “I’ll go into my room and will be back shortly.” So I went to my room and then I went to the toilet to pee and in my head there was ‘Serapis Bey, Serapis Bey, Serapis Bey.’” I was like, “Ok, I heard you, but you are very inconvenient: you don’t let me pee in peace.” Then I went to her room and told her, “This is also for you: Serapis Bey came and I was peeing. And it was ‘Serapis Bey, Serapis Bey, Serapis Bey.’” And she said, “I’ve just sprayed it in the room.” You can use the essence to clear the energy and to clear yourself; it’s very effective. She also works with crystals (I don’t), and I told her, “Maybe it’s also because of your crystals. Afterwards, Serapis Bey was everywhere. I went to the Aura-Soma shop, I took a big bottle to use in rooms, I looked and it was Serapis Bey. I thought, “Ok, you are very insistent.” Then I was part of the team for “Who Is In”, a three-day meditative Zen process, and they used Serapis Bey the whole time. And then I and five other friends went to see an Ayurveda doctor and on the table there were only National Geographic magazines. I looked: “Luxor Temple.” Serapis Bey’s temple is in Luxor, Egypt. And it was in Egypt that I experienced energy for the first time. I didn’t know how to call it at the time, but I was like really addicted to it. I felt this light and this warmth, and I didn’t want to leave, I wanted to be there forever, and I wondered what that was. I thought, “Well, it’s the memory of what happened here. All sorts of things… and maybe also spiritual things”… and I was also very impressed by the advanced scientific knowledge they possessed five thousand years ago. And the connection to healing was everywhere. I didn’t know anything about healing, but healing has always been in my life. I have even tried to go to Medical School. Of course it was a complete failure because it wasn’t for me. I needed to be trained in other things so that I could do use them now, but there was also something in me that was connected to healing. So I could see the connection between Serapis Bey and me, but when things move this way, I no longer push it. In the past, I would research it thoroughly, I would want to know everything, and I would become an expert in Serapis Bey in one day. Now I just allow things to reveal themselves. So – I’m wiser and more and more of a Taoist.

So I said, “Ok… Serapis Bey and Egypt, me and these feelings I had in Egypt.” And this is was maybe the country where I felt most welcome as a tourist too; people were so nice to me everywhere. I thought, “Ok, let’s see what this is about,” but then I wondered, “But… what about Kwan Yin?” So my friend was going to the Aura-Soma shop and I asked her to bring me a Kwan Yin & Lao Tsu bottle. She did and when I looked, I see this… inside the Kwan Yin & Lao Tsu bottle there was Serapis Bey! I told her, “You know what happened? You brought me Serapis Bey in this Kwan Yin & Lao Tsu bottle!” And I thought, “My God! He’s really trying to take over, to be present in my life.” So then I went on to refresh my knowledge; I wanted to remember what kind of Master Serapis Bey was. He is also the Master of new beginnings. So I thought, “Ok, I’m going to China for the first time. A big expansion for my work is coming, I’m going to work with lots of people. Yes, a new beginning is coming. Ok, so he’s telling me, ‘I’m here.’”

And then Kwan Yin… Anyway I got the bottle and I was using it and feeling very much the pain in my heart and how I still wanted to heal it and realising that Kwan Yin was coming more and more. Kwan Yin took the form of this goddess and beautiful woman in China, but in India the original energy is Avalokita or Avalokiteśvara, the Buddha of Compassion. So in Japan you can also find Kwan Yin. Anando has just brought from Japan a very nice booklet with the Heart Sutra and a drawing of Kwan Yin in it. In Japan I connected much more to the Buddha of a Thousand Arms because I visited the Temple and because in the original Japanese Reiki – that’s why I went to Japan, to receive the Third Level of Reiki, that of Assistant Teacher – this presence of the Buddha of a Thousand Arms is much more there, we can identify it clearly. In Western Reiki people have no idea where it comes from because Western Reiki is not connected to its roots, so people don’t know how to teach it, they don’t understand it, they just know it works. The symbol works and some techniques work, so it’s enough… which is not bad in itself, but, myself, I was quite happy to know more about the Buddha of a Thousand Arms. So then I go to China and my second course is about success – you know… China… business… It was about business as a spiritual path. It’s an issue I really love because I think at this moment business can really be a spiritual path or a bridge to a spiritual path on the Planet. You can take it as a spiritual path or an extension of your spiritual path. So I had these CEOs and these business women and there were about 35 people and I was giving them lots of ideas, awareness techniques and meditations in order to help them deal with the most difficult thing in their work, which is to harmonise emotions, to feel good in one’s body… and in the midst of all this, I was thinking to myself, “There’s something missing here anyway. Because this is one technique, another technique, yet another technique, and then at some point this doesn’t become anything really sustainable, and what they need is really an energy that they can channel, that can change their energy system, and then it will be available the whole time, effortlessly and with no interference of the mind. Now – Reiki is incompatible with the Chinese, I cannot give them Japanese mantras because they’ll kill me afterwards [laughter] and they’ll feel strange. You know, many people have no idea that some energies are not compatible. The other day I was listening to someone – maybe it was Osho – stating this very clearly: “You know, this kind of energy cannot be combined easily with that kind of energy.” For me this is very obvious, but not many people know really about energy, not even energy teachers. So I thought, “So I’m supposed to give them Kwan Yin’s energy. She’s whispering in my ear, ‘Go ahead, do it! Go ahead, do it!’ and I have no idea of what I can do. I can attune them to this energy because she’s here and she’ll do the work, it’s not me doing it; but I don’t know, I need to check.” You know, when I work with energy, I’m very careful. I was thinking, “Is this my mind? Or is it perhaps my ego? Let’s see; I’m going to check.”

So I believe this happened on the third day of the course: I had an Aura-Soma bottle and I was spraying Serapis Bey everywhere and they saw me doing it. And then we had a break, and I called one of my organisers and asked her, “Could we have Kwan Yin’s picture up on the screen?” She said, “Yes, of course, but behind this wall there’s a wonderful small statue of Kwan Yin.” So I told her to bring it over; she brought it, and she placed it on the table to my right. And I was feeling, “Ok, what is coming now?” And then there was this guy who didn’t go outside of the room during the break, and he came and he started to prostrate. And then another guy, one of my organisers, brought me a booklet that he had published with his own money to show me his devotion for Kwan Yin. So I thought, “Ok, I’m on the right track. The booklet also contains the Heart Sutra and pictures of Kwan Yin …” So then I was looking at the statue and I noticed that Kwan Yin was wearing a necklace and a medallion, and I wanted to know what they were. So I asked the first organiser, “What is she wearing?” She answered, “The same thing that you are wearing.” And I was wearing this… [Darshan shows a medallion] This is a Lotus… that this woman designed especially for me… and the gems and the design are the result of an energy reading that she had done for me; a reading of my energy. She said, “She’s wearing the same thing that you are wearing.” Ok… and then she told me, “And your name is the same as hers.” I said, “Oh, my God! Really?!” She answered, “Yes, Darshan and Kwan Yin mean the same. Because she sees.” Darshan means “to see” “and “meeting the Master and the Inner Master” and also “to see what is not visible” – that is why Osho say it’s meditation – and later, when we look into Kwan Yin’s mantra in Chinese, we’ll see that Kwan Yin means “to see”, “to see the suffering of the people.” So I thought to myself, “Ok, I think this is enough.” And I told them, “This has just happened, in this fashion, and I can attune you to this energy, but it’s up to you. If you don’t want it, don’t take it.” And they all wanted it. I thought, “Oh my God! We’re all going to fly today in this room.” And then the guy who gave me the booklet said, showing me the Serapis Bey spray bottle, “And she also has this… in one hand she’s holding a willow branch and in the other she’s got a jar with the nectar of life. With the willow branch she sprinkles the nectar of life, Amrito, on people. And you also have the jar, so you have all the tools, everything you need.” So I said, “OK!”

Then I created an attunement where I still touched people with my hands, which I don’t do now anymore – Kwan Yin attunes you herself, so I don’t touch you, it’s not needed. I used the pictograms of her name and my intuition, and it worked. After the attunement they said that it had been wonderful and one woman said she was almost enlightened – you know, in China it’s easy –, she was in ecstasy. And then the next day a man told us that he had had a pain in his knee for over one year and that it was gone; another man said that when he had arrived home, his five-year child had been ill with a high fever, so he had treated him with the energy and the next day the child was totally fine. And I also got some presents. I have a very beautiful crystal in the form of a hand holding a lotus; sometimes this is used as a symbol for Kwan Yin. And then I was… “wow, this is nice!” And I went on to tell them how the energy can be used and what it brings into your life. Because you use energy to feel better, right? So, do understand what can come to you that you have been missing so far! And I briefly told them how to use this energy and that they shouldn’t treat other people, they could only treat their own children. And now, after some years in China, I understand… in China, people have an intuitive wisdom and knowledge of energy; it’s there, it’s their heritage. But then the Cultural Revolution happened and their minds became very strong and their egos too because they needed to protect themselves badly. They don’t respect anything totally. They think that they are equals. They think, “if this woman can do this, I can also do it”… and it’s a mess. So maybe this indication I had that I should tell them not to treat other people was meant for them not to engage in healing, in taking money from people without knowing what they were doing, and so on. At the time, I didn’t argue because I just receive the information and go with it.

Overtime things started to become more and more concrete. I knew Lao Tsu was there because Lao Tsu and Kwan Yin are a team. And I was listening to Osho’s series of discourses called “Absolute Tao.” I usually stayed in China for one month and a half at a time, and I would listen only to “Absolute Tao,” every day, every day, every single day. So I knew that Osho, as an energy, was also part of this work, but I thought it was through me and the teachings I could impart on people, for instance the teaching that you can use this energy as a meditation. If you treat yourself, you can do it as a meditation, being totally present, feeling whatever you are feeling, being aware of memories, emotions, flashes, whatever comes to you. Because if you are treating yourself while watching TV, that’s not a meditation, that’s something else. But if you do it in this way, then it’s a big meditation. So I thought, “Ok, Osho is always there through me, so it’s ok. But I think Lao Tsu should be more present, maybe with his teachings. Yes – but how am I going to connect Lao Tsu and Osho?” Then I go to my room, and I play the first discourse in this series – Absolute Tao, number one – a discourse I had listened to so many times before. But it was as if it was the first time I was really listening to what he was saying because I had listened to that same piece of discourse before and I had thought, “Ok, as usual he’s putting things in a way that stops us from thinking of other things while listening; he’s giving us images. So I hadn’t really valued what he was saying, but that day I was paying a lot more attention. I must tell you that when you listen to an Osho Talk, you aren’t supposed to try and understand what he’s saying nor to try and take hold of the knowledge. If there’s something that you should keep, you’ll keep it effortlessly, or it will come to you later anyway; but, as he says, you should listen to him as you listen to a breeze or a stream of water passing by, not wanting to hold on to anything. Because listening to Osho is supposed to be a meditation. That’s why sometimes I listen to him in Hindi now – because I don’t understand what he’s sayin, ang then my meditation deepens. I’ve just posted a small extract in Hindi on Facebook because I love it. And I told people, “This is an invitation to try a new meditation. Listen to Osho in Hindi.” So it’s not that I don’t care about what Osho says and therefore didn’t listen to what he was saying, which was so important in that moment. It’s just that I usually don’t need to pay a lot of attention to keep everything he says. It’s important anyway. But that day – because it was the right moment for me and I needed it…

[Darshan plays recording of Osho’s Talk]

I speak on Krishna. He is multi-dimensional, superhuman, miraculous, but seems to be more like a myth than a real man. He is so extraordinary that he cannot be. On this earth such extraordinary persons cannot exist – they exist only as dreams. And myths are nothing but collective dreams. The whole of humanity has been dreaming them… beautiful, but unbelievable. I talk about Krishna and I enjoy it, but I enjoy it as one enjoys a beautiful story and the telling of a beautiful story. But it is not very meaningful, a cosmic gossip.

I speak on Jesus Christ. I feel deep sympathy for him. I would like to suffer with him and I would like to carry his cross a little while by his side. But we remain parallel, we never meet. He is so sad, so burdened – burdened with the miseries of the whole of humanity. He cannot laugh. If you move with him too long you will become sad, you will lose laughter. A gloominess surrounds him. I feel for him but I would not like to be like him. I can walk with him a little while and share his burden – but then we part. Our ways are different ways. He is good, but too good, almost inhumanly good.

I speak on Zarathustra – very rarely, but I love the man as a friend loves another friend. You can laugh with him. He is not a moralist, not a puritan; he can enjoy life and everything that life gives.

A good friend – you could be with him forever – but he is just a friend. Friendship is good, but not enough.

I speak on Buddha – I love him. Down through the centuries, through many lives, I have loved him.

He is tremendously beautiful, extraordinarily beautiful, superb. But he is not on the earth, he does not walk on the earth. He flies in the sky and leaves no footprints. You cannot follow him, you never know his whereabouts. He is like a cloud. Sometimes you meet him but that is accidental. And he is so refined that he cannot take roots on this earth. He is meant for some higher heaven. In that way he is one-sided. Earth and heaven don’t meet in him; he is heavenly but the earthly part is missing; he is like a flame, beautiful, but there is no oil, no container – you can see the flame but it is going higher and higher, nothing holds it on the earth. I love him, I speak on him from my heart, but still, a distance remains. It always remains in the phenomenon of love – you come closer and closer and closer, but even in closeness there is a distance. That is the misery of all lovers.

I speak on Lao Tzu totally differently. I am not related to him because even to be related a distance is needed. I don’t love him, because how can you love yourself? When I speak on Lao Tzu I speak as if I am speaking on my own self. With him my being is totally one. When I speak on Lao Tzu it is as if I am looking in a mirror – my own face is reflected. When I speak on Lao Tzu, I am absolutely with him. Even to say “absolutely with him” is not true – I am him, he is me.

Historians are doubtful about his existence. I cannot doubt his existence because how can I doubt my own existence? The moment I became possible, he became true to me. Even if history proves that he never existed it makes no difference to me; he must have existed because I exist – I am the proof. During the following days, when I speak on Lao Tzu, it is not that I speak on somebody else.

I speak on myself – as if Lao Tzu is speaking through a different name, a different NAMA-RUPA, a different incarnation.

Lao Tzu is not like Mahavira, not mathematical at all, yet he is very, very logical in his madness. He has a mad logic! When we penetrate into his sayings you will come to feel it; it is not so obvious and apparent. He has a logic of his own: the logic of absurdity, the logic of paradox, the logic of a madman. He hits hard.

Mahavira’s logic can be understood even by blind men. To understand Lao Tzu’s logic you will have to create eyes. It is very subtle, it is not the ordinary logic of the logicians – it is the logic of a hidden life, a very subtle life. Whatsoever he says is on the surface absurd; deep down there lives a very great consistency. One has to penetrate it; one has to change his own mind to understand Lao Tzu.

Mahavira you can understand without changing your mind at all; as you are, you can understand Mahavira. He is on the same line. Howsoever much ahead of you he may have reached the goal, he is on the same line, the same track.

When you try to understand Lao Tzu he zigzags.” 1

You see? How can I talk about Lao Tsu? I am an incarnation of Lao Tsu. I will be talking about myself. So my enquiry was answered: how do I do it? How do I bring in Osho and Lao Tsu? I bring Osho. And once in a while some ideas of the Tao but mostly through Osho. So to my surprise my problem was solved very easily.

And this went on and on and on; it still goes on. During the courses I had some insights, some pieces of information, which I then added… and then another piece of information in between courses, in the courses… and then I started to receive symbols, which are always a good way of working with energy because they reassure you of your connection with it; symbols are like a bridge. So, some symbols and some ways of working… and they were always confirmed afterwards. There was always some movement to confirm they were the right thing. When we do these techniques, I’ll tell you about how they came to me and how they were confirmed. For instance, at some point, I started to see a mandala… “There is a mandala in this method!” I was like, “Ok. What do I know about mandalas? Nothing.” And then I remembered that the month before an Indian woman had come to the OSHO Festival and had brought all kinds of mandalas. And she had left some with us, together with a catalogue. I decided to have a look at the mandalas she had brought. I had bought one, but I knew it wasn’t the one. So I found one… this is it!… and then I asked her to include a lotus in the centre, and I bought the author’s rights for the mandala. So she’s not using it anymore, it’s only used within Lotus Light Jewel. And it’s very powerful; it has all the colours of Kwan Yin, Lao Tsu, Serapis Bey and the white… white is also for Serapis Bey and divine energy in general. And blue, and fuchsia.

Now I already have some movements towards the Second Level. This First Level is very complete. And the Second Level is a lot about past lives – a very simple way of accessing past lives. Amazing… people can´t believe how easy it is; anyone can do it. Last time I was in Pune, in February, I went to the Aura-Soma shop and I saw this bottle called “The Christ.” I said, “This is the new bottle.” It’s got a wooden smell, which is not very pleasant… but something happens in you, right? And it was very interesting because then I realised things go back and forth. Just two days before I had been looking at the Portuguese and English handbooks to check if everything was ok because I remembered there were some typing mistakes, and then again I read about Serapis Bey. Serapis Bey is the Master to whom we should surrender if we want to attain the Christ Consciousness. I said, “Ok. I thought I was moving forward, but now I’m going backward at the same time.” And the Christ Consciousness is not Jesus’ consciousness; it’s the consciousness of all Buddhas. The Christ is not Jesus. It’s also Jesus, but it’s Osho, and it’s Mahavira and it’s Gautama Buddha and Socrates and all the enlightened Masters. So I think that, through the healing of the heart, we are on our way to the Christ Consciousness in the Second Level. Because the Christ consciousness is the consciousness of unconditional love, the real unconditional love, the one that we don’t know at all… even if it’s very fashionable and people talk about it all the time. Who has unconditional love here? Not really? Good. I don’t like spiritual fantasies, so I’m happy that no-one here believes they have unconditional love. Maybe for a split second sometimes – when you meditate, when you look at people from your crown chakra or your third-eye chakra, not from the heart chakra. It’s so interesting: if you work with your chakras and see which areas of your life or feelings and ideas they are connected to – this happens to some people, at least it happens to me… this unconditional love that makes me love everybody equally in a group and not be judgmental, the love that makes me see the beauty and perfection in everybody doesn’t come from my heart, it always come from my crown chakra or my third-eye chakra. When I connect with these chakras, I have that. But if I go to my heart, there is “me and you” still. Because I don’t have an empty heart; that’s why we need energy methods and meditation and all the rest: to empty our heart. It’s interesting when people say, “Follow your heart.” Yeah… the stupid things your heart tells you – emotions, stupid emotions, messy emotions. So don’t follow your heart. Usually, your heart will tell you stupid things. Connect with your higher centres or empty heart and then perhaps you can access some wisdom of the heart. Sometimes it’s helpful. Like in this Zen process we have in the OSHO Science of Transformation called “Who is in?” (3 days) or “Satori” (7 days): when I did Satori, I was only love when I came outside. It was so strange and so wonderful because I was only love. The tradition is to greet people who come out of this process with “Welcome back.” And when people told me “Welcome back”, I cried and cried and cried because I was only love. And then the next day I went for a massage and I came back to my body. And then I was able to travel – I had to take a plane the following day. And when you are only love, it is a little disturbing to be at the Mumbai Airport, you know? Mumbai Airport is quite something, so you need to be connected to the earth, you need to be grounded, you need to be here. If you are too much in heaven, all kind of things – maybe bad things – can happen to you at the Mumbai Airport. So sometimes you have that experience – wow… wonderful. And we have the longing, “Oh, if I could only stay there!” But we can’t because the lab is here; this is how we grow, by facing the absence of love for ourselves and for others and the absence of love of others towards themselves and towards us. It’s not there. Sometimes it looks like it’s there. And sometimes it’s real if you both went to this empty heart, if you both meditated – then you go outside and you don’t look at each other the same way as you did in the beginning, when you started. Sometimes. So: Christ Consciousness, that’s the plan. That’s what we are all doing here today; we are here to take some steps more towards this Christ Consciousness, which brings this peace… because love is peace, love is the opposite of fear. The more you have these glimpses of unconditional love, the less fear you feel and the less separated you are from others and from the Source.


When did you have these glimpses of unconditional love?

Participant: “I remember this time during Satori…”

You see… Satori is the best for that. I do it here and people don’t show up. It’s like… “Seven days? Doing what?” [laughter] One day I had around eight people, ten people maybe; it was the last one I facilitated. And they were totally in the mind. I had to tell them, “you know, if you go on like this, I leave, I just go.” They were totally… telling stories to one another. You are supposed to answer koans, Zen questions, but not from your mind. You don’t need to go to a meditation to answer things from your mind, you know! But everybody was like, “Oh, when I was a child, this and that happened…” I was like, “What is this?” So the Zen Master in me came out and I really hammered them – because I am a Zen Master – and I was like” “I’m leaving. If you go on like this, it’s over.”

[the recording of Osho’s Talk starts playing:]

He believes in the unity of the opposites. And that is how life is. So Lao Tzu is just a spokesman of life. If life is absurd, Lao Tzu is absurd; if life has an absurd logic to it, Lao Tzu has the same logic to it.

Ah, this is beautiful. Lao Tsu is a spokesman of life – a beautiful image. So, you see, this is how things come to me. Suddenly… “Ah, he wants me to remember this!” Lao Tsu is a spokesman of life. He’s a bridge for us to open up with more totality to all the gifts of life. “Spokesman” – I also use this image… interesting. So we have another piece of information. Why are we here? Some of you mentioned it: to live our lives more fully.

Lately, Osho has been doing this… The other day I was texting Milarepa and… pop… he starts talking; and it was totally connected to what we were texting. And I told Milarepa, ‘Osho suddenly started talking and he was saying this and this – exactly what we were talking about.” We had been talking about the discipline you need to change and to keep going on the path. And then, because he remembered that I had talked about this discipline during the Family Constellations Training, Milarepa said, “Osho used to say that to be a disciple you need to be disciplined, you need some discipline.” And I replied, “Yes, and I often listen to his talk called ‘The Discipline of Transcendence.’” And then Osho starts talking, and he starts talking about this.

And Milarepa has a collection of music pieces called Chuang Tzu’s Dream. Chuang Tzu was a disciple of Lao Tzu’s… so, hum, interesting… why do we all connect and meet again in this life? Because we are connected to the same energy. Maybe you’ve never thought about being connected to Lao Tzu and then suddenly you discover “Oh, this tells me more than I expected it to.” In Pune, I belong to the OSHO Multiversity, but when I don’t have groups nor sessions I do translations in an office called Lao Tzu Office [laughter] and I facilitate Meditations in an auditorium where Osho’s Samadhi, which is called Chuang Tzu Auditorium. So I’m totally in this Chinese thing, as well as in the Japanese thing and the Indian thing. The Indian thing is more difficult for me, but through Osho it becomes OK. So much so that I gave a Lotus Light Jewel session to a Japanese friend, Hansa, and then she brought me the Heart Sutra sung in Pali, an Indian language. So India is also coming and coming and coming. So sometimes I ask people if they want to listen to the Heart Sutra in Pali, when I feel they are more in tune with the Indian energy within Lotus Light Jewel. Otherwise, during the sessions, even for self-treatment, it’s good to listen to the Heart Sutra or to Kwan Yin mantras in Chinese. And now I’ve asked Anando to find the Heart Sutra or Kannon’s mantra in Japanese. So you see it was so much Chinese because the Chinese couldn’t receive Reiki and now we’re going back to Japan because that’s how I started – with Reiki. Of course these separations make sense, if you go to China they make totally sense, but Osho is also a synthesis of all streams of energy. He spoke about all streams of energy and he taught us everything digested and he is this synthesis. That’s why in this method we are finding and I am receiving more and more… all these energies are there.

So – I told you about the White Brotherhood, which is the common name for the Ascended Masters. Buddhas know that they are going to leave their bodies nine months beforehand. So Osho knew that he was going to leave his body and he prepared everything and he also prepared what we usually call the Evening Meeting Meditation. Some people still say that the name he gave to this meditation is very strange: its full name is the White Robe Brotherhood Evening Meeting Meditation. So it’s totally about the White Brotherhood and it’s so interesting for me when Amrito is sharing some ideas and in a way teaching how to be in the Evening Meeting and he says, “We were all surprised that he called it the White Robe Brotherhood.” Because we dress in white (in Pune, not in the Centres). So I’m always very happy when I can connect these things. It’s… “Aha, I know why!” And Zarathustra, a friend who worked here for 8 months and works with the Aura-Soma system and the Tree of Life Tarot, told me that there would be a new Aura-Soma bottle coming out and that it would be something like “Osho’s energy bottle”. Interesting.

So Kwan Yin leads the way and then we get it all. In November I want to write about Family Constellations but maybe I should write about this first part before I forget the details. Yes, because overtime many new things are happening and then I don’t remember how everything happened. Even the name, how it came to me was totally… it was always “Jewel,” I knew the word “jewel” was there. And then there was “light.” And then there was “lotus.” And then the next day it was “Lotus Jewel”. And then it was “Light Jewel.” And then one day I said, “Lotus – Light – Jewel! Done!”

And then in Pune, before I facilitated this course for the first time, I was wondering, “Is Osho really supporting me in this? Well, he obviously is.” But it’s a good thing to be careful, to doubt a little. So I go to the White Robe Brotherhood Evening Meeting Meditation, and Osho is speaking on a Zen Sutra about a jewel, the shining jewel of the Universe, which we are all reflections of – it’s the Dogen, the Zen Master discourse series. So I was like, “Ah! The bright jewel! He’s telling me, ‘Yes, ok, go ahead.’” And people are enjoying it so much. The last course in Pune was amazing. On the mourning of the fourth day they asked me if I could do a fifth day. I was like, “Wow, really? Very nice.”

Darshan, Lotus Light Jewel Seminar, 30th of September 2015

1)Osho, Absolute Tao: Talks On Fragments From “Tao Te Ching”, #1